Bagheria Villa Cattolica

The villa was built in 1736 by the Prince of Cattolica Eraclea, Francesco Bonanno. In 1973 Guttuso donated many of his works to the municipality of Bagheria, which created at the first floor of the villa is a museum dedicated to the painter. The town finally acquired the villa in 1988 and two years later, in 1990, placed it inside a sarcophagus to house the remains of the artist and the museum officially changed Guttuso. The museum houses works by Onofrio Tomaselli, Silvestre Cuffaro, Domenico Quattrociocchi, Pina Cali, Joseph Pellitteri. Over the years, other works were accepted and exhibited in the museum. Since the 2000s the ground floor is occupied by a theater workshop and two painting workshops.